How has your broadband coped during lockdown?

This is where you need to live if you want the fastest and most reliable broadband in Lancashire

We're streaming more TV shows and movies than ever before, many of us are working from home, and during the strictest periods of lockdown we've also relied on video calls to keep in touch with our loved ones.

This increased demand means that fast and reliable broadband has never been more important to our every day lives - and where you live can make a big difference.

We spoke to experts at ThinkBroadband to try and find out where the best places are for broadband in Lancashire.

Below is the median (average) speed in 'mega bits per second' (Mbps) for each constituency in Lancashire, listed from lowest to highest.

Also listed is the percentage of full fibre availability for each area, as this is the most reliable current technology.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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