Barrowford company clicks into gear with donation of IT equipment to school

Barrowford-based lighting manufacturer acdc is doing its bit for the local community by donating unused IT equipment to Fisher More RC High School, Colne.
The donated IT equipmentThe donated IT equipment
The donated IT equipment

The laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice and other related equipment will be given out by the school to pupils who, because of the coronavirus pandemic, need to study at home but are unable to do so because they don’t have access to computers or are sharing with siblings.

One of Fisher More’s senior leaders, Mr Simon Atkin said: “The school has already loaned out all available equipment to pupils, so we are grateful to acdc and Business2Schools who put us in touch with each other so that we can provide this additional equipment to those pupils who need it most.

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“It will have a big impact on the families who, for example, have children at home from different year groups and are struggling to juggle equipment between them.”

acdc’s head of finance, Stacy Gouhar had the idea to donate equipment after seeing a story on BBC News added: “After a restructure in the business, we had some spare computers and laptops that were in good condition but sat in an office not being used.

“In the past, we would have destroyed and disposed of them, but I was already looking into ways of recycling them. That’s when I saw a news clip talking about how desperate schools were for IT equipment. I’d already given my personal laptop to a friend so that they could homeschool their child, so I knew instantly that it was something we could help with.”

The charity mentioned in the news clip was Business2Schools, the organisation helping businesses recycle unwanted equipment so that it reinvigorates pupils’ learning and avoids filling up landfill sites.

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Stacy sent them an email and they quickly responded and put her in touch with Fisher More. “It was great that Business2schools put me in touch with a local school and made that connection for us,” added Stacy.

“All we had to do was ensure the computers were wiped to avoid any GDPR issues and then deliver everything to the school. I would encourage any local businesses who have spare equipment to get in touch with Business2schools so that they can get the items to pupils who need them.”

Lindsey Parslow, chief executive of Business2Schools said: “Re-homing and re-use of business tech as opposed to recycling, has a massive impact on education.

"Being able to pass on the things businesses no longer need enables schools to upgrade their devices and save on funding. It also means that more children will have access to online learning and get us a step closer to narrowing the digital divide.

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"Companies like acdc really are helping us change the landscape for learning and protecting the environment.”

Firms wishing to donate unwanted IT equipment, email [email protected] or visit to find a local registered school drop off centre.