Cash Clarets: Burnley earn £120m from £2.42b Premier League pot

After an amazing season which has seen the Clarets qualify for the Europa League, Burnley FC have netted almost £120,000,000 from the Premier League after their highest league finish in 44 years.

In finishing seventh, Burnley have earned 17.3m more than if they had finished 16th as they did last season.
In finishing seventh, Burnley have earned 17.3m more than if they had finished 16th as they did last season.

With the 20 Premier League clubs splitting a jaw-dropping £2.42 billion between them for the 2017/18 season, Burnley earned the ninth-highest amount of any of the top division sides behind the comparative corporate leviathans of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, and Newcastle United.

Famous for its lucrative television deals, the Premier League payed £75,583,666 to each club from income garnered from domestic and international TV packages, with Sky and BT Sport forking out a combined £5.136 billion for the domestic rights for the three seasons of the Premier League from 2016 to 2019 and international broadcasters paying in excess of £3 billion, and and additional £4,838,892 each from Premier League sponsorship deals.

Financially rewarded for being shown on live television, each club was also paid £12,312,666 for a quota of 10 domestic live games, even if they are not shown on UK TV that many times, as was the case with Burnley who - despite their stellar performances - graced out screens just seven times, the lowest amount in the league and fewer even than the three relegated clubs West Brom (nine live matches), Stoke City (12 live matches), and Swansea City (10 live matches).

For teams shown more than ten times on live television in the UK, an additional £1,129,879 per live game was paid to clubs, with Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal (who were all live on TV a record 28 times) all earning an extra £20,337,822 on top of the base rate of £12,312,666 in facility fees for featuring in BT Sport and Sky's coverage.


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Despite winning the league and breaking a host of records in the process, Manchester City did not emerge as the Premier League's biggest earners, as Manchester United's two extra televised games (28 compared to City's 26) saw the Red Devils pip the Citizens on the earnings front by £328,491 - roughly what Mesut Ozil earns in a single week at Arsenal.

As well as basking in the glory of finishing seventh to earn a place in the Europa League next season, Burnley's lofty finish - their best since they finished 6th in the old FIrst Division in '73/74 - also saw Sean Dyche's side earn £27,037,752 for placing so high - £17,381,412 more than what they would have had they finished 16th as they did last season, with each place in the Premier League table worth an £1,931,268.