Burnley and Pendle estate agents' advise to "go local" amidst Brexit uncertainty

Petty's: go localPetty's: go local
Petty's: go local
A Burnley and Pendle-based estate agents' have claimed that due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, specialist local knowledge of the housing market is set to become increasingly important.

With 2019 set to be a year of change as the UK nears the Brexit deadline day in late March, the inherent uncertainty in the markets has prompted many people to look at buying more things locally to ensure sustainability and to deal with well-known companies they trust: a policy which applies to even the biggest purchases such as houses.

Despite merging with TV property star Sarah Beeny's Tepilo, the collapse of online estate agent Emoov last year left many fearing they would be out of pocket having paid a flat fee, with Ian Bythell, Residential Director at Petty’s, claiming this is further demonstration of why people would be advised to hit the high street instead.

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“Whilst it’s never pleasing to see an enterprise fail, events like these make people reconsider what agency is all about and we feel validates Petty’s position," Ian said. "You don’t pay us until we’ve delivered a service - good news for conventional, full service, in-person agents like Petty’s who have stood their ground and defended their industry.

"Whilst we have always embraced and enhanced our online and tech presence - realising the importance it plays nowadays - we also understand that you can’t commoditise personal service," Ian added. "Helping people move house is a complicated, emotional gauntlet that affects people’s lives; it needs the human touch, in person, to help people through what can often be a complicated and sometimes traumatic process and as the area's only Relocation Network Agents we understand that perhaps better than most.”

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