8K launches heated outerwear that can be controlled from a smartphone app

A collection of stylish heated clothes that allows the wearer to control the temperature from a smartphone app has been launched today.
A worlds first, the 8K collection of jackets and giletsA worlds first, the 8K collection of jackets and gilets
A worlds first, the 8K collection of jackets and gilets

A world’s first, the 8K collection of jackets and gilets aim to start a clothing industry revolution.

Syncing technology with fashion, now urbanites and adventurers have a range of lightweight outerwear that allows them to be in complete control of their perfect temperature in any conditions.

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The jackets and gilets incorporate a unique printable heating technology called Flexwarm® that removes the need for bulky insulation layers.

Designed for the busiest of city streets or the most rugged of terrains, the 8K Powered by Flexwarm® heated apparel has made traditional carbon fibre heating methods antiquated.

Designed to be versatile and comfortable, there are no cold spots as the heat is evenly dispersed.

This is thanks to a thin 0.5mm heating layer that offers three heat zones and three heat levels that can achieve temperatures of up to 50c in 360 seconds.

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Those who embrace an outdoor lifestyle have a range of heating options available; simply choose the area of the body to heat and the ideal temperature to heat it to.

The apparel comes with a 7500mAh power bank, so users can enjoy up to 6 hours of warmth – perfect for long walks on cold days. The battery (which can also be used to charge your phone) is housed in a discreet inner pocket.

Available for men and women, the 8K jackets and gilets are machine washable, supplied with a wash and carry bag, as well as a two-year warranty, and an intuitive smart phone app.