Wildo Camp-A-Box: Keeps clutter to a minimum

There is nothing worse when you go camping when you have to take everything including the kitchen sink.

Wildo Camp-A-Box
Wildo Camp-A-Box

There’s the tent to remember, the sleeping bags, the cooking utensils and don’t forget the children! Now this nifty invention from Swedish company Wildo could save you all that hassle.

It is one piece of luggage which has all campware in a compact box, helping you to have minimum clutter and keeping everything light, ready for the long trek.

As with all things Swedish, it's funky too and easy to keep clean. The box contains a plate with a lid, cup and cutting board complete with a strainer, shaker and spork. No excuse now not to head outdoors!

Wildo Camp-A-Box, £15.95. For stockist details, log onto www.newheights.co.uk or phone 01324 814460.