Theatre Review: Dance GB

THE esteemed Albert Einstein said: “Dancers are the athletes of God’’ and how right he was.

By Rebecca Hay
Friday, 22nd June 2012, 12:00 pm

Powerful, majestic and yet, so graceful. These were my thoughts after watching a stunning piece of ballet performed by the English, Welsh and Scottish Ballet companies at Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

The three companies joined together for Dance GB, a celebration of dance to mark the 2012 Olympics. And how different they were.

The Scottish ballet was a real nod towards the Olympics, with the dancers decked out in national hero Sir Chris Hoy tight lycra and producing a pulsating and invigorating performance inspired by the power of athletes. Set to music by John Adams’s “Son of Chamber Symphony’’ and featuring a modern and stiking sculpture depicting the games by Turner-prize winning artist Martin Boyce, the “Run for it’’ production by Martin Lawrance was stunning.

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Next came the Welsh, to my mind, the best. Christopher Bruce had created a wonderful celebration of the Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, with modern day sports combining well with traditional old-fashioned games, such as the egg and spoon. The dancers clearly enjoyed themselvesi n “Dream’’ and the dance was completed by the moving Ravel’s Bolero, which made skaters Torvill and Dean famous.

Last on stage were the English National Ballet dancers and a very different performance. Much darker than the other two, it was however beautifully performed . Choreographed by Itzik Galili, it took traditional classic ballet to new directions, inspired by John Cage’s piano pieces.

The audience was also treated to a film before the show which showed young dancers taking part in a “Dancing Parallel project run by the three companies, which brings together young people from around the nation.

Dance GB performed by the English, Welsh and Scottish Ballet companies. For more details, log onto