Tears and laughter abound in Players' bittersweet tale

Northern Soul, sex and a sprinkling of 'colourful' language are the ingredients that make 'Kiss Me Like You Mean It' possibly the most daring production ever undertaken by the Rossendale Players.
The impressive cast of "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"The impressive cast of "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"
The impressive cast of "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"

The adjective “bittersweet” could have been created purely for Chris Chibnall’s powerful play which is at first hilarious, and later deeply touching.

The Players’ four person cast pulled it off with aplomb on the opening night.

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Without wanting to give any spoilers away, as the chief plot point is only revealed later on, the play centres around older couple Dona and Edie, and younger protagonists Tony and Ruth, not yet a couple but certainly working on it.

Players newcomer Beth Turnbull is excellent as the confident, bubbly Ruth who strikes up a real chemistry with her young co-star Tom Cross playing the part of the awkward, gawky Tony.

Paul McGowan, making a return to the stage, plays the part of the colourful Don alongside Lynne Atkinson as his lifelong sweetheart Edie.

The couple’s relationship is the central theme of the story and is truly touching. Paul and Lynne are superb, and the audience really warmed to the couple passing on their life advice to the younger pair.

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The show is, in large parts, hilarious, and the cast pull off the sharp, witty dialogue without hesitation.

“Kiss Me Like You Mean It” is a warm and colourful play, but showgoers should be aware some of the dialogue is very ripe – there’s even a touch of nudity!

The Sunday evening charity performance was held in aid of Rosemere Cancer Foundation in memory of Richard Curry, the Players’ beloved light and sound director and set builder who sadly died earlier this month.

The play runs at 7-30pm every day (excluding Monday) until Saturday February 11th at the New Millennium Theatre, Waterfoot. Call 01706 2228720 for tickets.