Tale of working-class heartache at Ribchester Village Hall

RATS is throwing light on the darker side of the party life with its latest production.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 4:44 pm
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 4:46 pm
Viki Mason, Rebecca Parkinson, Caroline Hindle and Bryony Frost are the stars of Shakers at Ribchester Village Hall. (s)

The theatre group is taking another swing at John Godber’s whirlwind of a play, Shakers.

Director Keith Flood said: “RATS has done quite a few of Godber’s plays over the years: Happy Families, Departures, Bouncers (brother play of Shakers) and this is our second shot at this hilarious and poignant show, written in partnership with his partner, Jane Thornton.”

The tale highlights the joys and woes of working-class life seen through the eyes of four waitresses getting ready to hit the town.

Originally set in the 1980s in a cocktail bar in a northern town, the production is undergoing a fabulous 90s-style makeover.

This demanding show features just four actresses, who play not only the waitresses but also their customers.

It’s by no means an easy job for the cast, but fortunately Keith has assembled a strong team to put audiences in the mood to party.

“We first did Shakers in 2005 ,with a different cast, of course: Viki Mason; Rebecca Parkinson; Caroline Hindle; and Bryony Frost,” he said.

“Our new Shakers are Anna Davies, Emma Smith, Emily Watts and newcomer Demi Fish.

“The play highlights how women through the ages have had to juggle different demands on their time and effort: a universal theme but one that seems to resonate particularly in society right now.

“The play is quite earthy and true-to-life at times and not suitable for very young children but nothing more than everyday life in fact.

“It is very funny and the shift between friendship and support on one hand and jealousy on the other accurately reflects working life today and forever.”

The production will be performed at Ribchester Village Hall on Thursday, May 24th, to Saturday, May 26th.

Tickets are available by calling 01254 878530.

But in the week leading up to the play, please book your seats on 878479.