Robin Hood; The Burnley Mechanics

Graham Cole as the Sheriff of Nottingham. (s)Graham Cole as the Sheriff of Nottingham. (s)
Graham Cole as the Sheriff of Nottingham. (s)
Riding into town on a wind of comedy is a pop star and his merry men - and joining them on stage is a selection of the area's homegrown talent.

Performers from Sanderson’s Dance and Fitness Centre will join singer and winner of TV’s Pop Idol, Gareth Gates, on an adventure into the woods in a pantomime adaptation of Robin Hood.

In this classic tale, the singer will take the central role, an outlaw robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

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Adding pops of colour and fun are Rainbow’s Zippy and George as Friar Zip and Little George and completing the cast are Graham Cole (Sheriff of Nottingham), Eva Mckenna (Maid Marian), Ryan Greaves (Wally Scarlett) and Keeley Fitzgerald (Fairy Cher).

The show will be on stage Friday at 3pm and Saturday at 2pm and 6-30pm at The Burnley Mechanics.

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