REVIEW: Don't Dress For Dinner; Colne Dramatic Society

A feast of fun and a banquet of madness is being served up this week in the form of a romantic farce.

Thursday, 5th October 2017, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:00 pm
The cast of Don't Dress For Dinner. (s)
The cast of Don't Dress For Dinner. (s)

Colne Dramatic Society kicked off a new season with Marc Camoletti’s Don’t Dress For Dinner at The Little Theatre on Monday.

With his wife out of town, and having an alibi from his friend Robert, Bernard plans to romance his mistress by hiring a gourmet chef.

But his plans fall apart when his wife Jacqueline cancels her weekend away after finding out that her secret lover, Robert, is over for the weekend.

Confusion and chaos ensue as Bernard quickly tries to come up with a cover story.

Steve Cooke made a fantastic Bernard, flooding the theatre with laughter thanks to sparkling comic delivery and a natural performance.

Vivienne Mills was fun to watch in her role as Jacqueline, thanks to her bubbling enthusiasm and bright presence while Jim Staton as Robert did a grand job of delivering comical lines and improvising in the face of mishaps.

A helping of fun also came from Claire Conboy, Jackie Williamson and Paul Thompson.

There were missed lines, technical mishaps and at times wooden performances but this didn’t matter: slips are all part of the fun in a farce; in fact, the sillier the show, the louder the laughs.

And so, Don’t Dress For Dinner was a delicious tonic for the Monday blues.

Performances continue tonight and tomorrow at 7-30pm.