Kids Review: Justin and Friends

THE master of mirth has done it again. Justin Fletcher is well known for having children literally eating out of his hand.

And his latest show is proving to be no different. Accompanied by Ruaridh (6), Flora (3) and Sally (forty-something) we joined a packed Manchester Arena and literally bounced Easter Monday away.

Justin is said to be a big fan of classic comedians Laurel and Hardy and they would have been proud of the way he entertained.

Old Gigglebiz favourites Nana Knickerbocker, Lost Pirate, Arthur Sleep and Keith Fit had us gurgling away, while Justin’s television chums Nina and the Neurons, Andy Day and Katy Ashworth joined sidekicks Robert the Robot and Little Monster in entertaining us all.

The show was colourful and bright, with lots of corny gags, happy sketches and we obeyed Justin who urged us at the beginning to “have fun!’’

The only downside for my pint-sized pals was the lack of custard pies and wibbly wobbly jelly which usually accompany Justin’s excellent CBeebies television show.

But as the whole cast sang their finale, young and old took to their feet and joined Justin in some good old-fashioned singing and dancing and there were happy faces all round as we left the venue. For Justin, it was job done!

Justin and Friends moves to Sheffield and Liverpool this week. For more tour information and prices log onto