Kids Review: Horrible Histories Battle Arena

Let the battle commence! There is nothing worse than siblings fighting over a toy.

Wednesday, 4th December 2013, 1:00 pm
Horrible Histories Battle Arena
Horrible Histories Battle Arena

The Horrible Histories Battle Arena is the perfect compromise and allows boys and girls of different ages have fun together. Its full of explosions, gruesome and gory moves and some excellent and sneaky battle tactics.

An Egyptian army can bring back their dead with the embalming tomb or even better Roman troops can steal opponents dead and turn them into mighty gladiators in the jail!

Ruaridh (6) and Flora (4) just loved this game and like all good soldiers they worked together to defeat their mum and dad, with the pig troops flying everywhere!

There are exploding pillars where the leaders can oversee their troops and powerful game cards which bring the most beastly battle tactics into play.

The set contains exploding battle platforms, a Roman jail, Egyptian embalming tomb, battling arena bases and special mummies, gladiators and game cards, plus two pigs and a stickers to personalise the battle arena.

Its fun and feisty and had the whole of our family enjoying fun!

Horrible Histories Battle Arena, £39.99, available via or