Jane Eyre at the Octagon Theatre

This year will be a big year for the Octagon as it celebrates 50 years of making theatre in Bolton.

Jasmime De Goede as Jane Young. Photo: Richard Davenport
Jasmime De Goede as Jane Young. Photo: Richard Davenport

And if this production is a foretaste of what is to come, then it will indeed be a special year for this wonderful theatre.

Jessica Baglow and Michael Peavoy rise to the occasion with impeccable performances as Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester in this imaginative presentation of the Charlotte Bronte classic. Credit must therefore also go to Janys Chambers and Lorna French who came up with this latest adaptation but in turn they must share the credit with the whole creative team who brought all their talents to bear on bringing out what is delivered here.

The two leading players are backed up admirably by a supporting cast that glides seamlessly from one role to the next to complete a polished performance all round.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we surely had the stars of the next 50 years on show in the scenes of Jane Eyre’s childhood which yielded impressive introductions by the youngest members of the cast.

“Jane Eyre” runs until February 10th. Tickets are available on 01204-520661