Don't miss this professional ice show production which is skating into Clitheroe

Tickets are selling fast for a spectacular show on ice which is skating into Clitheroe next month.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:38 pm
This will be a great show for all the family.
This will be a great show for all the family.

Alice’s Wonderland on Ice is being performed at the town’s St Mary’s Centre in April and will see the venue’s stage transformed into an ice skating rink!

Professional ice dancer Yvette Mauback-Lang, who grew up in the Ribble Valley and runs Ice Glitz Productions, travels the world for her art and has performed in all kinds of venues of varying sizes.

“We have a week of intensive rehearsals, in the run up to the show as it’s crucial that everyone knows the choreography, direction and stage size perfectly,” explained Yvette. “We like to keep it entertaining for the audience by performing dynamic and intricate skating footwork in our routines and spectators often ask how it’s possible to perform on such a small piece of ice especially when they see us going around so fast crossing in between each other, weaving in and out. At times it almost looks as if we may crash into one another but of course we don’t.”

And Yvette is keen to stress that using synthetic ice does not detract from the spectacle in any way.

When asked to describe synthetic ice Yvette explained: “Imagine a giant white chopping board, well it’s kind of like that but specifically designed for ice skating, it clicks together like a jigsaw puzzle, and we do use our normal ice skates which is something people seem surprised by.”

She added: “Many people often ask if it is difficult to skate on synthetic ice, and for some, at first it can be challenging. It can also be quite entertaining when our new recruits are first rehearsing on synthetic ice but we have some very talented skaters in our shows and find that they quickly adapt. Before long they are spinning and jumping through the air just as they would on real ice and never fail to do me proud!”

A real family affair, Yvette’s husband Zoltan Lang, who is a British Gymnastics level 4 coach and runs Flipside Fitness at Barrow, will be joining his wife on stage in this latest show and, as a former Cirque Du Soleil artist, he is no stranger to the spotlight.

And according to Yvette it won’t be long before the couple’s two-and-a-half-year-old son will be joining them.

“He just loves watching our shows, he tries to copy some of the routines and can’t wait to run around on the stage afterwards trying to spin like mummy and flip like daddy. He’s adorable,” she said.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol is well known for being a children’s story, however, Alice’s Wonderland on Ice, an action packed “panto” style adaptation of this classic tale is perfect for adults and children alike featuring comedy, glamour and loveable characters.

Tickets for the show, which will be performed at 1 and 4pm, on Sunday, April 7th, at the Church Street venue cost £14 and are available via the St Mary’s Centre box office, Monday to Friday from 9am to noon, or via: