CBeebies Live!, MEN Arena, Manchester

IT’S a secret all parents would like to solve. How do the creators of CBeebies manage to keep children quiet and entertained for so long?

Ruaridh (5) and Flora (2) just love the television channel and would watch all day if given half the chance.

So they were all excited when they discovered they would be watching their favourite stars in a CBeebies Live! Show in Manchester.

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For Ruaridh, it was Mister Maker and Mr Tumble who made his day. He just loves inventing things and throwing himself about, so the duo are heroes.

Flora is a big Lazy Town and Squiglet fan, so she went wild when they came on stage. The story of the two hour fun packed show was centered around Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town who tried to hide all the CBeebies stars so he could become the main man.

And the young audience had fun trying to outwit him. The show had noise, colour and lots of fun and chances for the little ones to use their imagination, which is what it is all about. The grown-ups had fun too, singing along and pretending they were young once too – magic!

For tour details, log onto www.cbeebieslive.com

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