All I Want For Christmas are tickets to Colne Dramatic Society's original family drama

Colne Dramatic Society has a special treat this Christmas, in the form on an original play by Pendle writer Gilly Grist.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 1:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 2:00 pm
Mollie Thompson. Credit: Gilly Grist. (s)
Mollie Thompson. Credit: Gilly Grist. (s)

All I Want For Christmas, a comedic family drama, will run at The Little Theatre, Colne, next month.

Gilly said: “In its original form the play concentrated on the stresses, strains, the comedy and the frustrations in two families’ lives as they join to become one.

“The Porter-Green Diaries (its working title) was completed initially in 2014: the play was in diary form, however, it was modified into a drama, and then, solely as a result of a comment made by my teenage daughter, it changed into something very different."

Riz Riley. Credit: Gilly Grist. (s)

Gilly added: “It is a play about love and trust, and what happens when these disappear.

“It is about relationship development and relationship breakdown, about the fragility of humans at a loss, but ultimately the strength of the family unit."

Starring are Pauline Shalliker, Riz Riley, Leighton Hunt, Mollie Thompson, Leah Walsh and Ken Horsfield, who will perform at The Little Theatre for the first time.

The show runs from December 3rd to 8th at 7-30pm.

Tickets: tomorrow and Saturday, December 1st at Colne Library (11am to 1pm); or reserve on 01282 861424.