Study: Almost half of parents can't be bothered with holidays due to the stress of taking their kids

Almost half of parents in the UK say that the sheer stress of travelling with kids takes the pleasure out of holidays so much that they can't be bothered to travel anymore, with the biggest gripe of all being the need to keep children constantly entertained.

We all love our time in the sun, but getting to the beach can be a bit of an issue for some...
We all love our time in the sun, but getting to the beach can be a bit of an issue for some...

According to a new survey by ferry operator DFDS, 44% of UK parents think holidays with children are not work the effort. On average, families with young kids take four holidays a year, with two of those being abroad, although that could be on the verge of changing as many say they are at their tipping point.

Keeping kids entertained (46%), keeping everyone happy (36%), the worry of children disrupting fellow passengers/travellers (26%), having to have snacks and drinks prepared (16%), and sitting together when travelling (15%) are the biggest issues for parents travelling with children.

What is more, 37% said that airport queues and the confined space on board an aircraft create unnecessary stress at the beginning of a family holiday, possibly leading to the fall-outs between the 26% of parents who say they have an argument with their other half before a holiday has even kicked off. Tellingly, 31% say they love a holiday, but hate the travel involved.

“I’m passionate about exposing my children to the world around them, and while adults tend to treat the travel element more of a getting from A to B," said Katy Hill, TV Presenter and mother of two. "For kids, it’s often a massive highlight of the trip which shouldn’t be under-estimated!”

Steve Newbery, On Board Commercial Director at DFDS and parent of two children under the age of 10, added: “A holiday should really begin from the start of the journey, when bags are packed, and the front door locked."