Stars of Coronation Street and Downton Abbey appear in drama shot in picturesque Sabden

The stunning backdrop of Pendle Hill and the picturesque village of Sabden was the location for a film starring an ex Coronation Street star and an actor from the smash his drama series Downton Abbey.

Mark with former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones
Mark with former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones

Soil, which is the brainchild of fellow teachers Mark Woodward and Scott Feast, is set in the 1800s and is a dark tale of betrayal and revenge following the lives of two gravediggers.

With a cast of just four, including Bruce Jones, who played Les Battersby in Coronation Street for several years, and Matt Milne who appeared in the ITV drama Downton Abbey, the film will premiere in October and then be shown at various film festivals.

Mark, who lives in Sabden, and Scott are hoping it will be turned into a full length feature film or series.

Scott Feast (right) directs Bruce Jones in the film Soil.

Mark, who also appears in the film, said: "We filmed at Cobden Farm and the dramatic Pendle skyline was perfect.

"We had outstanding support from the villagers including local horse owner Louise Gill who provided a horse for the shoot and taught me how to ride on set!

"All the cast and crew fell in love with Sabden."

The film was directed by Scott who teaches film and media at the Darwen Aldridge Enterprise School.


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Mark learned how to ride a horse on set while filming Soil.

Already an award winning filmmaker, his previous film, Process won huge critical acclaim at various international film festivals.

Mark, who teaches English at the same school, said: "We wrote the screenplay for Soil together and both produced the film.

"Some of our sixth form students worked on the shoot gaining valuable experience by working alongside a professional film crew."


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Although the film did receive some funding it was made on a shoestring budget with Mark's wife Annie writing the musical score for the film and becoming part of the film crew. The couple's oldest daughter, Louise, who is 21, was stills photographer for the shoot.

The fourth member of the cast was up and coming Manchester based actor Seyi George.

The enterprising duo have now set up their own film company and are already working on their next screenplay.

Several years ago Mark created the character Tash McDermott who appeared in the hilarious madcap comedy film Tash Force.


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The fictional head of Lancashire Constabulary's football intelligence unit the character is stuck in the glory days of the past, when football was a man's game and women knew their place, which was the basis for the success of the comedy.