Sanderson’s pupils scoop dance honours

TALENTED young dancers were presented with their awards after taking a series of examinations.

The pupils all attend Sanderson’s Dance Studios in Burnley and Nelson.

The exams were held at the Burnley centre in July, when pupils were tested on ballroom, Latin, classical sequence, cheerleading, street dance, hip hop, musicals, ballet and tap. Everyone passed with at least a highly commended award.

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The presentation afternoon took place at the ACE Centre in Nelson and the event included three hours of non-stop dancing and games, along with a demonstration of various types of dance.

The following pupils took examinations: H. Abbott, S. Adams, J. Armitage, R. Ashcroft, A. Ashworth, G. Aspinall, F. Baldwin, E. Bamber, E. Bancroft, C. Bannister, P. Barker, O. Barrass, M. Bates, N. Beveridge, E. Bibby, E. Billington, B. Birch, S. Bolton, S. Bowman, C. Breckell, C. Brelsford, L. Brenkley, T. Brenkley, C. Brindley, P. Brittain, J. Broadhurst, E. Brookes, C. Brotherton, L. Brotherton, E. Brown, T. Brown, A. Bulcock, H. Burrows, S. Bushby, Y. Bushby, A. Carey, A. Chadwick, E. Chappell, T. Clifton, I. Collins, D. Conlan, S. Conlan, C. Conway, E. Cottam, E. Crossley, N. Curtis, L. Dand, E. Dawson, K. Dawson, C. Dealwis, P. Dewhurst, L. Dicken, M. Ditch, A. Duckworth, B. Duckworth, E. Duffy, C. Dugdale, F. Elliott, D. Evans, K. Fielden, M. Frost, A. Garvey, H. Gorton, T. Graham, T. Gray, C. Green, E. Greenwood, M. Grimes, C. Hacking, N. Hacking, A .Hammond, A. Hargreaves, R. Hawkes, S. Hawkes, K. Heaton, B. Heys, M. Holden, C. Horsfall, K. Howarth, L. Howarth, M. Howarth, T. Hunter, C. Hurley O’Mari, L. Jackson, K. James, S. Johnston, H. Jones, S. Kostilek, T. Landon, R. Lonsdale, L. McEvoy, E. McFadden, H. McFadden, K. Mellows, P. Middleton, J. Milward, H. Mitchell, P. Mitchell, F. Montgomery, L. Morris, C. Nelson, K. O’Hara, E. O’Keefe, V. Paiton, G. Parkinson, A. Pennington, T. Pennington, A. Phillipson, M. Pongourou, J. Pope, E. Porter, J. Procter, R. Rainford, E. Ratcliffe, H. Ratcliffe, J. Redgrave, M. Reeder, K. Rennolds, R. Riley, B. Roberts, Y. Roberts, D. Robinson, E. Routledge, A. Rowley, B. Rowley, N. Royle, Z. Sharpley, M. Shaw, J. Shepherd, L. Shepley, S. Smith, R. Stanworth, J. Stevenson, K. Stevenson, O. Sutcliffe, C. Tattersall, H. Taylor, Y. Taylor-Wood, F. Thresh, R. Tomlinson, C. Vanns, E. Watson, K. Wearne, A. Wells, G. Weyer-Pollard, A. Whalley, E. Whalley, S. Wilkinson, T. Williams, L. Wilson, E. Woods, L. Woodward, D. Yates, K. Yeoman.

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