Review: Telic - America's recovery shoe

After a hard session on the bike or out walking - the old feet need a rest and a bit of tender loving care.
Telic - America's recovery shoeTelic - America's recovery shoe
Telic - America's recovery shoe

And what better than a pair of comfy shoes which are designed to look after your feet as you move along.

Telic has been hailed in the USA as America's recovery shoe and it is fast catching on in Britain too. Using a new material called Novalon™, the shoes are shaped to support the arches of the feet and all styles feature a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support.

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The material used is body-heat activated, waterproof and made from feather-light material which is also durable, elastic and pillow-soft. So its no wonder that the shoes have been voted the best comfort shoes in America. They come in 10 eye-popping colours and will become your best friend after a hard day's exercise or work.

Telic - America's recovery shoe, from £35, log onto

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