Review: Circus Funtasia; Nelson

There's little more exciting than witnessing talented individuals smash the pillars of possibility and bend back the parameters of human limitations.

Saturday, 18th March 2017, 1:25 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:04 am
Acrobats Duo Stefaneli return to Circus Funtasia. (s)
Acrobats Duo Stefaneli return to Circus Funtasia. (s)

That's exactly what audiences can expect from Circus Funtasia, a medley of light-hearted entertainment and mind-blowing skill that will enthrall all ages.

As a mother of five fur-babies - a zany cat lady - I must mention my relief at learning the show was free of animals, proving all the fun could still be had without them.

And there was certainly plenty of that. In fact, this was a show that couldn't have been more packed with laughs and excitement.

Acrobats Duo Stefaneli return to Circus Funtasia. (s)

There were the bubblegum pops of mischief delivered by mime, clown and plate-spinner, Anthony Lefort, of France, who sprinkled the show with heart-warming comedy for all the family to enjoy.

And then were the powerful performances by Duo Stefaneli, dressed as golden gladiators in their second act: elegant shape-shifting balanced with snaps of fury as the acrobats wheeled about each other, high above the audience.

Duo Peris, siblings from four generations of circus family, delivered head-spinning performances with their rollerskating stunt on a tiny ring and mesmerising loops as acrobats on aerial rope. Alicia Peris hung in the air by only her foot - looping with remarkable grace and strength - as her brother furiously span her around: the threads of my nerves also threatening to snap.

Tightrope-walker Elodie Rech, from the seventh generation of a circus family from France, gave a powerful performance as she wowed the audience with an array of feats.

Acrobats Duo Stefaneli return to Circus Funtasia. (s)

An edgier, modern element was melded into the show by Britain's youngest performing juggler, Nia Nikolova Jones, whose act incorporated a DC Comics' Suicide Squad theme. Bubbling with cheer and personality, she wheeled around on a hoverboard.

And there was the fierce finale: four motorcyclists taking on the Globe of Death, a whirl of skill ramping up the adrenaline.

Thanks must also go to founder and ring mistress Tracy Jones and her supporting staff for putting together this entrancing production proving exactly why circuses - minus the animal acts - continue to entrance audiences up and down the country.

Even at age 27 the show was able to conjure back up the big kid in me who marveled at the boundary-pushing acts and later fantasised about running away with the circus and soaring through the air as part of this clan of highly talented performers.

To witness the fun for yourself, head down to the Big Top, Carr Road, opposite Victoria Park, Nelson, today at 2pm and 5pm or tomorrow at noon and 3pm.

For tickets and prices, please visit or call 07706168507.