Pendle jazzman trumpets family history Down Under

An experienced trumpeteer from Colne found history repeating itself when he followed in his great uncle's footsteps and performed in the same Australian venue nearly a century later.
Stuart WhiteleyStuart Whiteley
Stuart Whiteley

Mr Stuart Whiteley, a founder member of the Pendle Jazzmen, found himself performing solo at Sydney Town Hall earlier this year – the same venue his great uncle Storey Wolstenholme had also once played after emigrating to Australia in 1928.

Retired accountant Stuart, who helped to set up the popular Pendle Jazzmen in 1984, was visiting his son Robin the Australian capital when he was invited to play at a pharmaceutical convention.

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Stuart (75) said: “The audience numbered around 480 people so it was definitely the biggest crowd I have played to solo.

“I did four jazz numbers in five minutes, which was a great experience. I was aware that my great uncle had also performed at the venue so I felt like I was following in his footsteps.

“I have been told that the town hall hasn’t changed since Storey’s days. He played the oboe and helped to set up the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.”

The Pendle Jazzmen are now resident at Ighten Mount Bowling Club, Romford Street, Burnley, playing on the first Thursday of every month in the function room from 8pm to 10-30pm.

Their next performance is on June 7th when there will be a £2 admission charge.