PCW review: Pier Pressure in Blackpool

Preston City Wrestling returned with their second show in Blackpool this past Satruday, and they returned with an intention to make sure a mark was left on Club Domain.
PCW Pier Pressure Show in BlackpoolPCW Pier Pressure Show in Blackpool
PCW Pier Pressure Show in Blackpool

By the time it was all over, it was clear that Club Domain would never be the same…

Proceedings got under way as the polarizing behemoths; Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions - War Machine collided with PCW Tag Team Champions - Team Single, after War Machine won an opportunity for the gold last week at the PCW SpringSlam SuperShow.

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It was a brawl that was never destined to stay within the confines of the squared-circle, as the action soon spilled to the outside of the ring. It was a very physical and athletic contest, which saw War Machine run from corner to corner, delivering splash after splash, much to the joy of the PCW crowd. The match ended abruptly though, after interference from the London Riots cost War Machine the chance at holding more gold. In the aftermath, the two teams showed mutual respect and it was announced that War Machine would return to PCW in November.

TNA’s Bram took on PCW favourite Dave Mastiff in another stiff physical contest, which was more akin to a pub brawl than a wrestling match, with both men wanting to establish themselves as dominant, and the PCW fans loved it.

Dave Mastiff got the victory after his patented, and visually pleasing Cannonball in the corner.

Iestyn Rees continued his AlphaLock challenge, challenging anyone in the PCW to break his trademark submission hold. It was the athletic Charlie Garrett who stepped up to accept. After some stalling and mind games, co-General Manager Joanna Rose decreed the match would be a traditional affair.

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In a contest which has been typical of why both men are fast becoming popular names in British Wrestling, it was a fateful mistake by Charlie Garrett who missed an athletic corkscrew moonsault while the referee was distracted, which allowed ‘The Alpha Piece’ Iestyn Rees to lock in the AlphaLock for the win.

Lionheart, eager to get back to winning ways after three straight losses as the SpringSlam Supershow, battled former WWE Superstar – Gangrel in a thoroughly enjoyable match. Gangrel, complete with blood-filled chalice, put on a stellar performance, as did the Scottish lion, however it was the former WWE man who got the win on the day, leaving Lionheart to go back to the drawing board and re-strategise.

During the interval that followed, Gangrel posed in the ring for photos with fans, a staple of the PCW experience.

After the break, the fans witnessed the debut of a bright young prospect from the PCW Academy as Philip Michaels, an 18 year old, had his first match against Noam Dar, who is soon to compete in WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series. He himself debuted at 18 years old.

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It was a great display from the youngster, who proved to be more than a match for Noam on his debut in front of a hot crowd. He was unsuccessful, as experience prevailed but Michaels can be very proud of his debut. The future is bright for him.

Up next was Bubblegum vs. PCW Champion Sha Samuels in what was originally scheduled to be a non-title affair, however Bubblegum tried to goad the champ into putting his title on the line. The ‘East End Butcher’ was having none of it until co-GM Joanna Rose informed him that her fellow co-GM Dave Rayne had sent in a text message confirming that the match would be for the title.

It was a thrilling back and forth contest and the crowd loved it. Bubblegum came close to capturing PCW’s top title on more than one occasion and pushed the Butcher to the limit, however after more interference from the London Riots, Sha Samuels locked in the sleeper hold for the victory.

Afterwards, the Riots continued their beatdown on Bubblegum until T-Bone came to the rescue. Once the Riots were left in the ring alone, The UK Hooligans made their appearance for the main event of the evening.

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This was the match that practically brought Club Domain to the ground. In one of the most physically intense matches PCW has ever seen, the action spilled out everywhere. The entire crowd where on their feet as Zak Knight climbed atop the balcony and leaped onto the bodies below. It didn’t end there, as the UK Hooligans proceeded to throw every single chair in the building into the ring, in a sight that has to be seen to be believed, before delivering a Doomsday Device for the victory.

The event will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Online soon. PCW returns to Blackpool on July 2nd with Billy Gunn vs. Bob Holly, and their next show is on May 21st in Liverpool.

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