Orienteers search for new members

An orienteering club is on the hunt for new members.

Pendle Forest Orienteers is a friendly, active club with members of all ages which arranges events and organises weekly training sessions.

And there are no barriers for anyone wishing to learn a new activity and valuable skills.

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Danny Allen, from the group, said: “Orienteering is an outdoor activity involving finding flags (known as ‘controls’) using a map and compass. It is a physical sport as well as a mentally challenging one.

“Anyone over the age of eight can take part, and people don’t necessarily have to be good at running.

“Nor at first do you have to be proficient at map reading or using a compass. Participants can walk the course.

“In fact, walking the course is a more certain way of finding all the controls without running straight past them.

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“Eventually, as you improve, you can use more running as you go round the controls to improve your times.

“Orienteering maps are clearly laid out and once you’ve grasped the basics you will be able to complete a simple course. At first, orienteers can get around simple courses by following features on the map instead of using a compass.”

Danny also explained how orienteering can benfit physical and mental health, by building fitness and confidence.

He added: “Finding controls around a course gives you more confidence, and completing a course is very satisfying and gives a good sense of achievement. You can easily see the progress you’re making the more events you take part in.

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“Joining an orienteering club is a great way to learn how to read the maps, use a compass and various other techniques to improve your skills. You can also improve your running and general fitness.”

Anyone interested can visit the club’s website at www.pfo.org.uk or email Danny at [email protected] or Hamish at [email protected].

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