Music Review: Lifebringer by Zervas and Pepper

When an album promises you “sunny cosmic folk rock music”, you know you are in for a treat!

Lifebringer by Zervas & Pepper
Lifebringer by Zervas & Pepper

And Lifebringer does not disappoint. Paul Zervas and Kathryn Pepper first got together when they met at a live music venue in Cardiff. Their first album “Somewhere In the City’’ earned them warm accolades from the top music critics. And “Lifebringer’’ looks set to be a success too.

Unlike their debut album, “Lifebringer’’ avoids the duo’s own personal lives and instead leans towards more adventurous stories, intense characters and far-flung escapism.

Take the track “Living in a small town’’, a laid back, yet slick acoustic fusion with sweet layered harmony vocals which tell a different tale altogether.

The song’s theme is set with an almost 1950s comic book style take on a pretty bleak, not too distant future where very day small town’s are now traffic-throbbing, smoke-billowing sprawls awash with helicopters and cameras in the sky watching your every move.

Couple this with the striking artwork on the album cover by Paul and Kathryn’s friend, Californian artist Maxwell Hagege and “Lifebringer’’ looks set to be a winner!

Lifebringer by Zervas and Pepper, released on July 22nd on Zerodeo Records,