Make mine a '‹Béné 'n' beer please

A popular Burnley tipple made in France has teamed up with a Ribble Valley brewery to create a warming winter beer.

Bowland Brewery
Bowland Brewery

Bénédictine has announced that it will be officially partnering with Clitheroe based Bowland Brewery, with the re-launch of its limited-edition winter warming ale.

The Mullered Monk is a deep amber ale infused with Bénédictine, 15 spices and dried fruit.

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Bénédictine is a popular tipple in the Lancashire area, due to its strong ties to the region after the soldiers of the East Lancashire Regiment (who were stationed at the birthplace of Bénédictine in Fécamp, Normandy, during the First World War) drank Bénédictine and hot water to keep them warm in the trenches.

The regiment loved the drink so much they brought it home after the war, and the region has been drinking Béné ever since. For many in Lancashire, the winter months are when Bénédictine comes into its own due to its unique, warm flavour, which Bowland Brewery has brought to life with its winter ale.

The French liqueur, first made in 1510 and named after its creator, a Bénédictine monk, is made using 27 herbs and spices sourced from around the world. The unique recipe is then infused with saffron, honey and caramel in a sophisticated production process that takes two years to complete.

Philippe Jouhaud, marketing director for Bénédictine liqueur, said: “We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Bowland Brewery this winter. The people of Lancashire have always supported Bénédictine and we in turn are excited to work with the local brewer.”