Living with PCOS caused a Lancashire woman to pile on the pounds - but now she has gained the right Results

Alanoosh Williams after she lost more than six stoneAlanoosh Williams after she lost more than six stone
Alanoosh Williams after she lost more than six stone
Growing up, Alanoosh Williams had never really had a problem with her weight. But by her early adulthood, she was diagnosed with a condition that led to her piling on the pounds....

When Alanoosh, of Lancashire, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 18, she was warned about the side effects: dark facial hair, bad skin, irregular periods – and weight gain.

Her main concern, however, was struggling to lose weight.

After gaining 10lbs over one weekend whilst away in London, she realised she needed help to shed the pounds.She tried several diets –none of which really worked for her – until she found online health, fitness and nutrition platform, Results with Lucy. Over a period of two years, she has lost six-and-a-half stone, going from a size 24 to a 14/16.

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Alanoosh Williams before she started the weight loss programmeAlanoosh Williams before she started the weight loss programme
Alanoosh Williams before she started the weight loss programme
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What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

Alanoosh says: “When I was diagnosed the doctors didn’t really say much, other than I would have irregular periods and find it hard to lose weight. “I was not terribly overweight at that point.“A lot of people suffer with other side effects like dark facial hair, but I didn’t really have any of those. “My main issue was the weight gain.“I would try different diets and would lose weight each time, but then I would have a treat meal, which would turn into a treat weekend, a treat week, month and so on.

“For me, having PCOS means that I gain weight very quickly unless I follow a strict low carb, high protein diet. “My skin is prone to boils and redness and my mood is also affected.“One weekend I went to London and actually gained 10lbs. “A lot of people will presume that it was mostly water weight, but that was not the case.”

Alanoosh had made several attempts to get into a gym routine that she could maintain, but she found it intimidating and worried that she would be judged.She adds: “I found going to the gym really intimidating. I used to think I was quite fit because I used to dance, but on a couple of occasions I caught trainers looking me up and down which made me feel judged.”

It was whilst researching weight loss surgery that Alanoosh came across Results with Lucy two years ago.

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She reveals: “I spoke with the team about my goals and tried the New Beginnings 12-week programme, where I lost 3 stone 5lbs.“The programme covered nutrition as well as workouts. “The different programmes work your entire body which, for me, meant that I saw changes in my size and shape over my entire body. “I now never get boils or bad skin anymore and after the first three weeks, the pain I’d always had in my knees from carrying the excess weight completely went.”

Seeing the changes in her body motivated Alanoosh to maintain a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, particularly when it came to food.

She adds: “Managing my weight is still hard and if I don’t stick to a plan it’s very easy for me to gain a large amount of weight. “This summer is a good example. I relaxed my diet, but still exercised and still managed to gain three stone in just three months.“Luckily, sticking to a nutrition plan or finishing a workout doesn’t feel like a chore, so it’s easy for me to get back on it.”

For more information on Results with Lucy, co-founded by TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh and PT to the stars, Cecilia Harris, visit

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