Gear review: Droma Men's Jacket by Sprayway

Droma Mens Jacket by SpraywayDroma Mens Jacket by Sprayway
Droma Mens Jacket by Sprayway
Camping in the Lake District is still one of our favourite past times as a family.

The chance to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery which the North of England boasts beats many holidays abroad.

But the weather is so unpredictable these days and particularly this summer, so you need to be prepared!

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My husband Kenny is a keen camper and walker, but he hates wearing gear which starts off comfortable, but then when the weather changes, he gets all hot and sticky.

The new Droma jacket by Sprayway is an ideal companion for the great outdoors. This hydro/dry shell coat is stylish and nice and light too.

It comes in two colours, Country Green and Blazer and has an adjustable wire peaked hood, with a snap away feature in the collar.

With a mesh/taffeta combination lining, the jacket also has two mesh lined venting storage pockets and is just the ticket for protecting you outdoors.

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Sprayway has been designing and producing jackets since 1974, when the firm started out of a garage. Now it supplies everyone from Arctic explorers to National Park rangers.

And most importantly for me, now Kenny is happy too!

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