Gawthorpe Hall 'Brothers in Arms' war exhibition

An exhibition to highlight the affect that the First World War had on the owners of Gawthorpe Hall and other people living in the area will go on display this month.
Gawthorpe HallGawthorpe Hall
Gawthorpe Hall

The exhibition, entitled Brothers in Arms, will be at the stately home from Saturday June 30th until Sunday November 4th.

The launch of the exhibition has been planned to coincide with the Padiham on Parade military event taking place that day.

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Thanks to people who have played the lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘First World War: Then and Now’ programme has awarded a grant of £10,000 for the exhibition and to run associated workshops and projects with the local community.

The display will tell the story of the lives and the tragic deaths of two main heirs of the Kay-Shuttleworth family, Lawrence and Edward, while serving in 1917.

Personal archives from the Kay-Shuttleworth family will be displayed for the first time in the exhibition.

The impact that the Second World War had on the family will also be showcased.

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Lawrence’s son Richard was killed during the Battle of Britain and his younger brother Ronald was killed in North Africa in 1942.

Community workshops will be held throughout the summer to explore the history of the people of Padiham and their involvement in World War One. Information from these workshops will be added in to the exhibition from September.

Many of these people had links to the family, and shared in their grief, as well as their own.

Local history and military groups will contribute to the exhibition. The HLF funding will also include workshops for pupils at local secondary schools to help them explore their own family stories, and how they were affected by war. Schools will be able to visit the Hall, see the exhibition and have an opportunity to learn about Remembrance at special workshops to be held in November.

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County Coun. Peter Buckley, Lancashire County Council's cabinet member for community and cultural services, said: "I'm sure that the exhibition will convey the impact of the war on the Kay-Shuttleworth family. Just like hundreds of other families across the country, they sadly suffered the loss of two sons.

"The grandchildren of the family took part in the Second World War. Unfortunately tragedy struck again, and the exhibition will showcase some of these inspiring stories. The exhibition will feature Freydis Leaf, a granddaughter of 1st Baron Shuttleworth, who was one of the few women who flew Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers as part of the Air Transport Auxiliary.

"It is important to hold this exhibition now, as this is the final commemorative year for the end of the First World War. This will probably be our last opportunity to bring together all of the military connections that are relevant to this period of the Hall's history.

"The links of many other people who lived in Padiham at the time to Gawthorpe Hall is also important. It clearly demonstrates the effects of the First World War on everyone."

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A commemorative community event is being planned to take place at the hall at the end of the year. Shuttleworth College, community groups and everyone who has been involved in the exhibition will be invited to attend this event.

The Padiham on Parade event will include a First World War travelling cinema, a chance to meet the sergeant, and a free vintage bus will be running to take people from Padiham to Gawthorpe Hall throughout the day.

Entrance to the exhibition is included in the normal admission price to Gawthorpe Hall which is £6 for adults and £4 for concessions. National Trust members and children go free.

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