Burnley singer-songwriter to release album on iTunes

BURNLEY singer-songwriter Ben Robinson has a promising few weeks ahead.

The talented 30-year-old guitarist has been writing songs for as long as he can remember but is now hoping the internet can propel him into the spotlight.

He has just recorded a nine-track record called “Real Illusions” under the name Robinson – something he’s always wanted to do – which is due to be released on iTunes in the coming weeks.

“It’s an entirely self-produced album and I want to get it out there for people to hear,” the former Barden High School pupil said.

Ben has recently finished a two-year foundation degree at Burney’s UCLan campus in music production and will begin the last year of his course in Preston after the summer.

“It’s been fantastic to be able to utilise all the professional equipment they have there which has helped so much with my recordings and made them good enough to put on iTunes.”

Aside from Ben and his acoustic the album will feature a number of session musicians and instruments including violins, flutes and saxophones giving his folk sound a bit more of an edge.

“I’m not in a band but I have played with other musicians on a number of occasions and have managed to get a few of them in to work on the album. We played as a group at the Burnley Community Festival, sometimes I just play with a violinist, other times it’s just me and my guitar. It all depends on the situation really and it’s really just about promoting the material.”

His influences are wide-ranging and although present within his work, his own sound brings with it a unique quality – a sound he hopes more and more people will hear over the years.


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“I listen to anything really. REM, Nick Drake, James Taylor, Johnny Cash – it all varies really. I just want people to know that the material is out there. I don’t want it just sitting on iTunes and nobody knowing about it.”

A release date is yet to be announced but he is the process of signing an online publication agreement with a record company who will then help in promote his album as well as getting it on iTunes.

“Hopefully it should be on iTunes and then Spotify within the next couple of weeks and then people will be able to hear it for themselves.”

For more on Ben check out www.robinsonproductions.co.uk or to listen to some of his tracks visit http://soundcloud.com/benrobinsonrobbo.