Book Review: The Power of Positive Drinking by Cleo Rocos

Enjoy this book responsibly is the warning. And it is one author Cleo Rocos clearly wants to put across.

This wonderful tome is an asset for anyone who likes the odd tipple or two, but wants to avoid the hangover the next day.

As Cleo says, we all know how to eat well these days, but not many of us have mastered the art of healthy drinking.

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The book reveals all the secrets of alcohol and gives a master class on how to imbibe successfully and reach that delicious level of intoxication where you and your fellow drinkers blossom into the favourite version of yourselves and stay there!

Cleo also dishes out some lovely recipes to try and 12 lessons on tipples, including No Hangover Cocktails and How to Win with Gin. Happy drinking!

The Power of Positive Drinking by Cleo Rocos, published by Square Peg at £9.99.

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