Book review: The Foster Factory by David Learmont

This book intrigued me because it was the last thing I expected from a tale of how a retired man and his wife became foster carers in their late sixties.

David and Marsha Learmont are an admirable couple, she with her kind-heartedness and he with his “heart of stone” -- also his wit, irony, sarcasm, jaundiced outlook on life and the frailties of human nature.

Lots of targets are sharply skewered and it is all done with an inspired balance between laugh-out-loud and swallow-a-lump-in-your-throat lack of sentimentality.

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I could only admire these “foster heroes” as David calls them, and the book provides fascinating insights as to what real foster-caring is like, as opposed to its somewhat goody-goody image.

I highly recommend it.

• The Foster Factory is available from Amazon (Kindle and paperback) as well as Barnes and Noble (Nook book and paperback) and Waterstones website.

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