Book Review: The Art and History of The Dandy

SEVENTY five years of comic genius is packed into the one glorious book. The Dandy has been in the news recently as it marks the end of its paper copy in December.

But the online comic will continue and so it should. Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat are legends with comic fans everywhere.

This book is a Bible for enthusiasts. It chronicles the best and the worst of the top title and is beautifully illustrated. There is a look back at the legends who created the comic heroes, from the late Albert Barnes, who edited from 1937 until 1980, summing The Dandy up by saying: “There is never any real violence, only the cartoon kind to be found in Tom and Jerry, where the victim always springs back unharmed. It gives children a chance to cock a harmless snook at authority, and sublimate their desires to kick against the traces.’’

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The book looks at the time when Desperate Dan was dispatched off with the Spice Girls after striking oil, only for a public outcry including a bring back Dan campaign, ensuring the hero was back in print.

Having survived, the once champion pie eater deserves this special book marking him and his fellow cartoon heroes.

Close on Dan’s heels, is Scottish gem Oor Wullie. The spiky haired boy has been entertaining folk for years along with his family The Broons.

And this book is dedicated to the cheeky wee scamp and his adventures around Scotland. Its a must for young fans who can use the wonderful comic strips to work out where he is or what he is doing.

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The book is just worth it for the colourful illustrations and for keeping the children quiet on long journeys!

The Art and History of The Dandy - 75 years Biffs, Bangs and Banana Skins, £20 and Whaur’s Oor Wullie, £8.99. To order, email: [email protected] or telephone: 0845 370 0067.

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