Book review: Rise of the enemy by Rob Sinclair

Agent Carl Logan is back - or is he?
Ron Sinclair, authorRon Sinclair, author
Ron Sinclair, author

The embattled field operative returns in thIS follow up to Rob Sinclair’s Dance with the Enemy, but all is not well.

This time he is on his own, unsure who his allies are and unable to trust after his having his hardened heart broken.

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Captured and tortured, he escapes the inescapable prison, but is all is not as it seems.

Rise of the Enemy by Rob SinclairRise of the Enemy by Rob Sinclair
Rise of the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

This is a novel tense from the get-go, with unfathomable riddles to be faced by its hero, a man who kills for a living yet is absolutely human, damaged and vulnerable.

We found out more about Carl’s journey to his dark world as a young man, revealing chinks of light into a tortured soul, while he plays the game - watching friends become foe and foe become friends.

This racing story takes across the most impenetrable parts of Russia, seeing agencies from across the world clashing and working with and against each other.

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Karl, it seems, cannot catch a break but yet as he twists and turns into darker corners, we see chinks of light into his person and realise that he is still reeling from his betrayal by the woman he loved.

This is a fast, exciting work by an author who is determined to take the reader into places they have never been, turning corners and turning assumptions on the head as it paces through the story.

The final twist is brilliant.

Another great read by Rob Sinclair and I can’t wait to find out more about Karl Logan.

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