Book review: Hercules the Bear by Maggie Robin

I defy this book not to bring a tear to your eye.

By Rebecca Hay
Tuesday, 17th November 2015, 1:00 pm

This true story tells of childless couple Andy and Maggie Robin and their unusual housemate.

Up until 15 years ago, their home in Scotland was also occupied by Hercules, a 70 stone grizzly bear! The Robins bought Hercules in 1974 for £50 from a wildlife park and treated him as a son.

He toured with Andy in America with their Hercules the Scottish Big Softy show and the main man was regularly spotted by locals plodding around the hills near his home in Perthshire.

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Hercules was a real character who loved prawns and beer and often was seen down his local pub drinking with the locals. The book portrays his life and that of Andy and Maggie who have never got over his death.

Its a special book as the story of Hercules would probably never happen in this day of health and safety and its told so well and warmly, you would almost want to cuddle up to a grizzly yourself!

Hercules the Bear by Maggie Robin, £12.99,