About Time rock Fence

WHAT better way to start Easter than a meal, a drink and live music.

Piercing vocals, rasping guitars and plenty of percussion can mean only thing – About Time are returning to Fence.

The popular band, who have built up a dedicated following across the region since they were formed in 2007, are playing again at the Sparrowhawk in Fence on Good Friday.

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About Time, fronted by versatile vocalist Anthony Lye, serve up a set as eclectic as any for miles around.

Songs covered by the four-piece range from the dawn of rock n roll, sixties Merseybeat, seventies glam rock, eighties camp classic, nineties Britpop right through to favourites from the noughties.

And the venue they’re playing isn’t half-bad too. The Sparrowhawk in Wheatley Lane Road is sure to be buzzing with diners and drinkers enjoying the Easter atmosphere.

It will be Good Fish Friday in the high-class eaterie which has decided to celebrate this traditional day and the first proper bank holiday of the year by filling its specials board with fish.

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So if it’s fine food and masterful music you’re after, you could do far worse than head to the Sparrowhawk on Good Friday.