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Music might be the food of love but it’s also the soundtrack to many a dodgy memory throughout my life.

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Female racegoers react in the crowd during day one of the Randox Health Grand National Festival at Aintree Racecourse. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday April 6, 2017. See PA story RACING Aintree. Photo credit should read: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

A fabulous time had by all

It’s that time of year when race-goers top up their tans, shoehorn on towering shoes, spend a fortune on glamorous frocks, hours getting hair curled and arranging hats at perfect tilt... only to be tabloid-shamed the next day necking champagne then plummeting from high heels, exposing their nether regions and generally humiliated via unflattering photography.

Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure in Line of Duty

Line of Duty - Fact is, this is the best drama on TV

Apparently, we are living in a post-truth world, one in which the truth can be anything you like, as long as it fits your own view of the world.

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Nicola Adam

How words changed my life

When I was a small girl, I was so desperately lacking in confidence I was almost invisible.

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Members of the public during the candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square, London to remember those who lost their lives in the Westminster terrorist attack. Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Finding way from the terror

I wasn’t going to write about the terror attack in London.

The Throwdown finalists - Richard, Clover and Ryan

The Great Pottery Throwdown - The natural successor to Bake-Off's crown

It may have escaped your notice, but the BBC recently lost the jewel in its primetime crown – The Great British Bake-Off. The Beeb has been running auditions for “the next Bake-Off” for some time now – many with some arrangement of the words ‘Great’, ‘British’, ‘Challenge’ and ‘Off’ in the title.

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Dr David Wrigley

'Our health care is at its greatest point of crisis'

Lancashire GP Dr David Wrigley is a senior member of the British Medical Association. In a personal view, he outlines the crisis health and social care confronting doctors’ surgeries and hospitals
Health 16
Are we all returning to apes?

We are (re)turning into apes

Stark naked and running through the hills and hunting for sustenance.

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Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) is on the warpath in The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom - political plotting amid the Brian Blessed bellowing

At a time when the United Kingdom seems intent on ripping itself apart, it’s a good time for a drama which shows how the kingdoms became united in the first place.

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It's right next to the steering wheel, use it!

Go on, give me a quick wink

There are times when you just can’t stop a sly smile creeping across your face.

Are you a humble bragger?

If only you were my real friend

Look, I know only my real friends will share this column, but I really need the money to buy chocolate.

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Ant Middleton leads the crew in Channel 4s Mutiny

Mutiny - Captain Haddock versus Captain Wazzock

I blame Bear Grylls. Ever since he burst on to our TV screens around 10 years ago, eating locusts and drinking his own bodily fluids, there have been a whole raft of TV shows featuring man’s (and it usually is men) battle against the elements, nature and his own ego.
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Burnley Town Hall

Please don't fuel this one-man grudge

Cash-strapped Burnley Council has been forced to cut staff and  services for the last seven years and there seems to be no end to the savings it has to make.

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Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Selfie-love not crime but art

They are hidden deep down in my chest of personal memories, the photographs that chronicle my childhood as an awkward, shy child with a really, really, bad haircut.

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Olivia Colman and David Tennant are back on the beach in Broadchurch

Broadchurch - A promising return to form

So, here we are then, swooshing over the golden cliffs of Dorset on our way to Broadchurch (ITV, Mondays, 9pm), the restless sea surging on to the beach below. If this third series of the police drama had started anything like the second, then I might have been tempted to chuck myself off those cliffs.

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Driving whilst using your mobile is illegal

Still no stopping some idiots

I suppose that after 56 years of shuffling around on this planet, nothing that life can throw in my face should surprise me.

David Baddiel (right) with brother Ivor (left) and dad Colin

The Trouble With Dad - an affecting look at dementia

Caring for a sick relative is hugely difficult. Whatever they’re suffering from, the carer is faced with the gradual loss of the person they recognise as their father, grandmother, husband or daughter.

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Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Don’t pay the price - haggle

The survival of the fittest has taken on an altogether different meaning with the advent of technology.

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The uninvited guest in a conversation is one of my pet hates

Busting a blood vessel over bad manners

A few days ago we were having a conversation about bad manners.
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Born inequality

Does it matter where you are born?

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