All I got was abuse for interrupting the womans evening meal

Left wondering why I had bothered

One good turn deserves another ... or so I have always believed.
Thompson Park, Burnleu

Park's Heritage Lottery Fund award has to be welcome

On Monday of last week it was announced that Burnley Council had been awarded £861,000 of Heritage Lottery Funding for the restoration of Thompson Park, writes local historian Roger Frost.

Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Column: Like all hot air he will pass

Do you remember that scene in rom-com Love Actually when Hugh Grant as PM snubbed the entire USA because the president chatted up his girl?

Opinion 2
Average speed cameras are to be installed on the A682

Great new on 'death road'

I have been writing in this newspaper for well over 30 years - and reading it for much longer than that.

Scales of justice will swing towards protecting those with things to hide if new legislation is enacted

Column: No bark and no bite if press hounds muzzled

After more than two decades as a member of Her Majesty’s Press one of the main joys of newspaper life remains those days when we make a difference.

Opinion 14
Robson Green followed in the footsteps sort of  of Robinson Crusoe in a documentary on ITV

Robson Crusoe: A Surprising Adventure - One goes mad on an island

When I was a boy, I wanted to be a soldier, or a policeman, or possibly Alan Kennedy, the moustachioed, tightly-permed left-back of the all-conquering Liverpool team of the early 1980s.

TV and Film
The best return of Christmas  Outnumbered

The BBC wins the Christmas TV war

It’s Christmas, the time of year when tradition dictates we give gifts, eat way too much and ignore all the other TV channels and watch the BBC.

TV and Film
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Soundtrack to my life so far

It’s taken until now for me to realise the true impact that the music and lyrics of the late George Michael’s work has had upon my life.

Everyone should vote

Don't stop people from using their vote

Regular readers of this column will know my view on voting ... everyone should be compelled to do it.

Nicola Adam, Group Editor

2016 -a year best forgotten

Last night my car was broken into.

Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey went Inside the Christmas Factory this week

The ever-present Gregg Wallace is like an unwanted Christmas gift

As the old song goes, ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, but for TV’s most famous baldie, Gregg Wallace, I think it probably is.

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Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Stirrings of a festive spirit

It has come to my attention that for the decade-plus that I’ve been a columnist in various newspapers,I have been unable to resist the annual path to Grinch-ness that sees me complaining relentlessly against the pressures of the season.

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It could be me?

How's your luck these days!

You can, I have noticed for some years, get by without much good luck ... as long as you don’t have too many dollops of bad luck.

Nicola Adams MBE

Usurped by lady with an S

What is in a name, after all?

What is a safe limit?

How much is it safe to drink?

Alcohol consumption can be a rather contentious and prickly issue. We regularly have our conscience pricked by an assortment of foundations, committees and puritanically biased groups, preaching to us on what is a safe limit to consume.

Eating Out
Martin Compston and Douglas Henshall star in the new ITV serial killer drama, In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight comes second to Tom Roth in the battle of the serial killers

Serial killers are like seismic political events triggered by popular votes, aren’t they? You wait ages for one, then two come along at once.

TV and Film
The ancient boundary between Burnley and Habergham Eaves is the river Calder which is just beyond the Cross Keys, left in this picture, which was taken before 1900.

Rivers helped form many of Burnley's ancient boundaries

Boundaries – Parliamentary boundaries. We have been hearing a lot about them recently, writes local historian ROGER FROST.

Nostalgia 1
A regular sight on a weekend night

Dirty, smelly passengers with bits dropping off

Last week I wrote about the state of many of the taxis which I see plying their trade around our towns and villages.

Tim Roth stars as serial killer John Reginald Christie in the new BBC drama Rillington Place

Rillington Place - Tim Roth reaches new levels of creepy, but Samantha Morton steals the show in serial killer drama

It’s that time of the year – and that type of weather – which means the days never seem to get properly light.

TV and Film
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