The Trouble With Dad - an affecting look at dementia

Caring for a sick relative is hugely difficult. Whatever they’re suffering from, the carer is faced with the gradual loss of the person they recognise as their father, grandmother, husband or daughter.

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Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Don’t pay the price - haggle

The survival of the fittest has taken on an altogether different meaning with the advent of technology.

The uninvited guest in a conversation is one of my pet hates

Busting a blood vessel over bad manners

A few days ago we were having a conversation about bad manners.
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Born inequality

Does it matter where you are born?

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Natalie Brown (SAN BROOKE), Julie Bushby (SHERIDAN SMITH), Karen Matthews (GEMMA WHELAN), the three women at the centre of BBC drama The Moorside

The Moorside - A brave attempt to redress the balance

We have often been told that there’s nothing such as society, and that we no longer have a sense of community.
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I enjoy any chance I get to step off the merry-go-round of life for a moment

Chill till? It's a yes from me

How annoyed do you get when the person in front of you in the queue for a supermarket till seems to have all the time in the world?

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George Barmby was the man in focus in Confessions of the Paparazzi

Confessions of the Paparazzi - Truth and lies through a lens

Journalists, ironically, rarely get a good press these days. As a trade, we usually come bottom of those ‘most trustworthy profession’ polls, sharing the wooden spoon with estate agents.

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Nicola Adam

No house in the sun for us

There’s a reason that those TV shows do so well – you know – the ones featuring ordinary-looking but inexplicably well-off people buying houses in the country or the sun with their many multiples of half a million pounds.

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Here I am (left) coming last for the fifth consecutive Pendle Parkrun

Happy to finish last every week

I am, and have been for some years now, an avid follower of various social media streams.

Time to take me to the vets

Time to take me to the vets

With news that even pets now have their own electronic fitness tracking device technology, I thought I better get in on the trend before even bunnies and tortoises start overtaking me on the pavement and sporting skin so healthy and glowing you can see them in the dark.

Pendle Beer Festival. Photo: David Belshaw

Ale flowing at Pendle Beer Festival

Well, one of the highlights in the Pendle social calendar is truly underway.

Eating Out
Earby library

Worshipping the bottom line

When are the cuts which we read about every week going to stop?

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Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

Chris Grayling: My high-speed vision for future of Yorkshire transport

THIS is a region with a pioneering transport history. During the 19th century, not only did Yorkshire change the way we made goods – it changed the way we transported them too. Transport gave industry in Yorkshire the competitive advantage it required to flourish. It opened up labour markets. It slashed the cost of raw materials. And it brought customers closer.

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The Silent Witness team. From left, Jack Hodgson [DAVID CAVES], Nikki Alexander [EMILIA FOX], Thomas Chamberlain (RICHARD LINTERN), and Clarissa Mullery [LIZ CARR]

Silent Witness is flogging a dead horse

Is there a better way of beating the January blues than settling down in front of the TV and enjoying a good mystery drama, cup of cocoa in one hand, pack of digestive biscuits in the other?
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Nicola Adam, Group Editor

I’m a socially acceptable drug-addict

My name is Nicola and I am a coffee addict.

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All I got was abuse for interrupting the womans evening meal

Left wondering why I had bothered

One good turn deserves another ... or so I have always believed.
Thompson Park, Burnleu

Park's Heritage Lottery Fund award has to be welcome

On Monday of last week it was announced that Burnley Council had been awarded £861,000 of Heritage Lottery Funding for the restoration of Thompson Park, writes local historian Roger Frost.

Nicola Adam, Group Editor

Column: Like all hot air he will pass

Do you remember that scene in rom-com Love Actually when Hugh Grant as PM snubbed the entire USA because the president chatted up his girl?

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Average speed cameras are to be installed on the A682

Great new on 'death road'

I have been writing in this newspaper for well over 30 years - and reading it for much longer than that.

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