Couple make an emotional TV appearance

Ryan Salmon with Casting Director Georgia Jane and girlfriend Chloe Ingham. (s)
Ryan Salmon with Casting Director Georgia Jane and girlfriend Chloe Ingham. (s)
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Burnley’s “Coach Trip” couple faced “The Human Lie Detector” in an emotional TV show encouraging a heart-to-heart about the future.

In Channel 4’s “The Lie Detective”, sports coach Ryan Salmon (31) and former Miss Burnley Chloe Ingham (23) faced a lie detector during an honest conversation about their relationship.

“It’s supposed to be 98% effective,” Chloe said, “so even though you’re telling the truth, you’re still sweating in case you fall into that 2%.”

Body language expert Dan Ribacoff, who has featured in a succession of American reality TV shows, was also there to guide the couple as they asked each other 20 questions, particularly in relation to Ryan’s cystic fibrosis.

The condition is a build-up of a thick, sticky mucus clogging the lungs, causing difficulties with breathing and digestion.

To control the symptoms Ryan takes medication daily, uses a device to help clear his airways every morning and night and visits a specialist hospital twice a year.

There is currently no cure and life expectancy is 41 years.

One of the questions Chloe asked was about Ryan’s biggest fear. For him, it is leaving her behind.

“It’s emotionally hard as a loved one to talk about,” she said. “I don’t dwell on it as I get more upset than Ryan - he has a really positive attitude.”

“Before the show,” she added, “we were scared to talk about the future.

“Dan encouraged us to be honest with each other and made us dig deeper.

“We were emotionally drained by the end of it but now we’re not as scared to open the conversation.”

The series also features 49 other couples, with differing relationship statuses.

Chloe and Ryan will feature on this Friday’s show, starting at 10pm.