Burnley ‘Bank of Dave’ star to appear on ‘The Secret Millions’

David Fishwick
David Fishwick
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BURNLEY businessman David Fishwick will hit TV screens with a one-in-a-million new show.

The famous face of Channel 4 series Bank of Dave returns to prime-time television this Sunday to help tackle youth unemployment by “reinventing” the job centre.

The Sabden-based star will appear in The Secret Millions series which sees a staggering £10m. of Big Lottery Fund cash up for grabs to help worthwhile projects - the most money ever given away on British TV.

The remarkable programme follows Mr Fishwick as he helps open a “pop up” job centre designed by and for young people.

What the young people involved do not know is that they are secretly being assessed by the Big Lottery Fund and if they are successful, they will help secure £2m. for the Foyer Federation to spread the ground-breaking idea across the country.

The self-made millionaire minibus salesman said: “I take a group of young kids who have had a really tough start in life - some who have lived rough or been on drink and drugs - and I’ve got them to help me open a job centre.

“I thought the job centre needed a revamp - it doesn’t enthuse kids to go into them - so I wanted to have a go at doing my own.

“We got a derelict building and made a ‘pop up’ job centre. One floor had a zoo and one floor had celebrity chefs and hairdressers. We had hundreds of people through the door.

“We proved it worked. It was such a good idea and we wanted to repeat it across the country.

“It is a very powerful story. It will really move a lot of people.”

The five part series sees Mr Fishwick join TV celebrities Gok Wan, Katie Piper, Jimmy Doherty and George Clarke take on their own amazing projects.

He said: “It is a big series with some really big names from Channel 4 and we have been very lucky to be part of it.

“I am interested in making TV that makes a difference to people’s lives.”

The show will air at 8pm on Channel 4 on Sunday.