The one where I met Graham Norton

Nicola Adam with Graham NortonNicola Adam with Graham Norton
Nicola Adam with Graham Norton
I might be a journalist, who has met, interviewed, written about and almost instantly forgotten many famous, think-they're famous, mildly infamous, desperate wannabes and outright legendary people in my time.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy that little frisson of excitement that comes with meeting somebody well-known - even if they are just enjoying their five minutes.

My career having focused on the news side of things, I have rarely needed or had the desire to recognise the extensive cast of soap operas, reality shows or the members of football teams though if I’m honest, recognising faces and people is something I’ve battled with all my life.

I can’t remember anyone.

Sorry about that.

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However, when let out of the newsroom to which I’m chained by deadlines and serious news that inevitably breaks just before home time, or just after my first G&T, I review and blog theatre, books and travel, including red carpet events where I get to mingle regularly with cast of Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale etc.

Once in a while (rare) I actually recognise one of them.

I'm sure the others are all lovely, though.

Okay, I know who Fizz is and Gayle from Corrie, that’s about it.

Then every so often, somebody truly famous turns up whom even I can’t fail to recognise.

These have previously included Wayne Rooney and Coleen, Alex Ferguson and once, memorably, David Hasselhof.

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Through news I’ve met four Prime Ministers and a gaggle of high-profile politicians and royals, but there is something about a genuine music star, TV or film star that makes even a cynical, blase, person like me sit-up and stare, then insist upon a selfie.

I mean, these people are beamed into our lives every day.

So this week I went to review new musical The Band at a gala event and and it suddenly became super starry.

I could list a few - including Take That, Lulu and all five TT mums, but it was the man sharing my drinks table who made me starstruck.

The one and only Graham Norton.

I instantly went all shy, despite his super-friendliness and being a scary journalist who asks questions for a living.

But not so shy I didn’t get a pic.

Nul points for coolness to me.