33 throwback images capture scenes from former iconic Burnley nightclub The Cat's Whiskers/ Annabella's

It may have closed its door many moons ago but the Cat’s Whiskers/ Annabella’s nightclub in Burnley is still talked about fondly today.

And a reunion to celebrate the best times of the club will take place at the Mechanics Theatre in Burnley on Friday, September 6th.

An iconic venue at the foot of Centenary Way, the late Mike Connolly, who died in 2018, was credited with putting the town’s nightlife on the map when he saved the club from closure in 1977 and transformed it into a clubbing mecca that attracted thousands every week. These incredible photographs have been handed down to former Cat’s DJ Steve Hindley, who will host this year’s reunion with his friend and fellow DJ Chris Byrne, by Mike’s family. Taken at the club’s height, in the 70s and 80s, the images capture an era that is gone forever.

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