Wolf Alice in Wonderland

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If your debut album had finished a mere 128 sales short of topping the charts, you’d be excused for uttering the odd expletive.

A Dave Grohl broken leg and the subsequent bumping up of Florence to Glastonbury headliner ensured Wolf Alice’s “My Love Cool” suffered that fate despite leading the way in the midweek charts.

Far from being bitter, bassist Theo Ellis is just happy people are listening to his band.

“We came pretty close but you know, we didn’t. I wasn’t disappointed because I never thought I would get in the top three ‘gajillion’ records ever sold. It’s our first album and we’re just excited to get to where we did, to even make the charts. Florence fully deserves it for smashing it out the ball park at Glastonbury and being on her third record and being a very respected artist. She’s definitely a beneficial musician for the record industry at the moment.”

“My Love Is Cool” is a beautifully crafted record. Hauntingly engaging, it thrives on marrying multifarious styles and brims with an understated charm.

“I don’t think we were surprised (with the sound of the album) but we definitely knew it was going to be a bit strange for some people. We’ve always had these elements, a severe love of pop music as well as a love of heavy guitar music and we just wanted to push ourselves as much as we could in the studio. If you listen to the record and you hear ‘Turns To Dust’ the first song, it’s almost a disclaimer or warning that it’s not going to be all like songs like ‘You’re A Germ’ or ‘Giant Peach’. It’s going to have some different sides to it.”

While Kanye and Florence were taking all the headlines at Glastonbury, Wolf Alice were busy winning over crowds and hearts with possibly their biggest performance to date – NME readers voting it the forth best set of the weekend.

“It definitely felt like a big moment,” said Theo. ”It’s hard to tell if something’s a defining moment because I’d definitely be an idiot if I started saying it and a lot of people didn’t. But it was a big deal for us. “It feels like we’re getting towards the mainstream now, whatever that is. It does feel like things are getting bigger. The two weeks surrounding the album release were definitely some of the craziest times I’ve ever had in a band. We were just constantly busy but we’ve got it under our belt now and we’re excited to keep on playing and just getting on with it.”

You would be hard-pressed to find a harder working band at the minute. A summer filled with festivals both home and abroad, an upcoming tour of Australia, then America, couple more European festivals before their biggest UK tour to date in September. And this all on the back of almost three years non-stop touring. Luckily Wolf Alice are a close knit pack.

“We are very close, really close friends. We’ve known each other for a long, long time. We even hang out with each other when we’re not on the road as well which is weird. We don’t have any other friends any more, we just have each other.

“We just really want to push forward now. I think this next two or three years of all of our lives are pretty much going to be based around touring and writing and pushing Wolf Alice as far as we can.

“It can be hard. I barely ever see my family and rarely see my girlfriend. But I signed up for this a long time ago and it definitely is the most rewarding thing I could ever imagine. This is an absolute dream so when you start to get a bit moany and bitchy you just have to check yourself and realise you’re having a really good time.

“I’m constantly pinching myself and waiting for the rug to be pulled from under me. Its unreal. While it is happening to us we’re definitely going to capitalise on it as much as we can.

“The fact that we’re playing Manchester Albert Hall is ridiculous. I think the pressure comes now from having to fill those rooms. You have a responsibility to put on a show and invest some money into production, thinking about how your show is crafted and how it’s put together. For the first time we’re going to be able to tour a proper production so we’re going to put emphasis on that and it’ll also be the first time that a lot of people will hear all of the album tracks played live so we’re really going to put a lot of energy and time into crafting a cool show. There’ll probably be loads of fire and maybe a horse on stage.”


Wolf Alice play Manchester Albert Hall on Friday, September 25th.