Gig Guide - 25th March 2011

Colne Muni
Colne Muni
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LAVA AND IGNITE, Hammerton Street - Friday – Ace of Clubs! (Lava Ignite); Saturday – Lush! (Lava Ignite); Sunday – The Weekend After Party!

INSIDE OUT, Bull Street - Friday and Saturday – DJ Chris Byrne.

THE MIX, St James’s Row - Friday – 3-4-£6 on most bottles plus DJ Andy Lee playing everything from the past to present; Saturday – 3-4-£6 night with resident DJ.

SMACKWATER JACKS, Ormerod Street - Saturday – DJ Scotty; Friday and Sunday – DJ Raymondo.

BURNLEY MECHANICS, Manchester Road - Friday – Let’s Hang On.

THE SANCTUARY, Cow Lane - Friday – The Nightshift; Saturday –Evil Scarecrow.

SUN INN, Harle Syke - Sunday – Afterglow.

THE TALBOT, Church Street - Friday – The Stories; Saturday – Fag Ash Lil; Sunday – Mother’s Ruin.

PRINCESS ROYAL, Yorkshire Street - Saturday – Wayne’s World with disco and karaoke; Sunday – Soul and Motown night.

TOWN MOUSE, Royle Road - Friday – Karaoke; Saturday – Live Music and Karaoke disco; Sunday – Karaoke and disco.

SHAKESPEARE HOTEL, Padiham - Friday – Karaoke with Matt and Poker Night; Saturday – Poker Night.

COLNE MUNI, Albert Road - Friday –Tommy Docherty;

BURNLEY MASONIC HALL, Nelson Square. - Friday, April 1st – Soul at the Masonic.

BIRDTRAP, Brierfield. - Saturday, April 2nd – Birdtrap Soul Night.

ROLLS ROYCE, Barnoldswick - Friday – Pendle Jazzmen (Details from Keith Garrett on 01282 850624); Saturday, April 9th – Northern Soul with DJs Ian G, Jools Metcalfe, Roman and Shaun.

MADISON’S, Rawtenstall - Sunday, Twisted Heels feat. Michelle Marsh. Thursday, March 31st – Motown and soul night with 10-piece motown band.