Effluence hit full stride!

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TEENAGE angst and Effluence may well go hand in hand.

But for three teens with a world just ready and waiting to hear their post-grunge heavy rock sound let loose, anger and depression is the last thing on their minds.

For those who didn’t already know, Effluence is made up of lead singer and guitarist Sam Curran, bassist Chris Dicken and drummer Lewis Rennison – a close knit group with one massive passion for music.

“We’ve all been good friends since we were really young and we’ve been playing as a band now for around two year,” said Sam (18). “Chris and Lewis used to be in a band and I decided to start playing the guitar without really telling anyone. Soon after, the three of us decided to start our own band.

“For the first year we just did covers like Nirvana and Muse. During this last year we started writing more and more of our own stuff. Altogether we have about 18 songs but we’re not playing some of them now because they’re not good enough.”

Lyrically, Sam is the one with his pen to the paper often drawing on past experiences and present day situations to form the nucleus of many of the band’s songs.

“I don’t really know where some of my ideas come from to be honest. A lot of it can come from things that have upset you in the past but you had forgotten about or from thinking about the system that we are under. We’ve been labelled as being teenage angst and I guess that sounds about right.”

Based out of Earby and Barnoldswick their reputation has been steadily bubbling away for the past 12 month but is now threatening to boil over especially after winning the first heat of the “Oh To Play Sound City” competition at The Talbot.

“We can’t wait for the semi-finals now,” enthused Sam. “We’ve always stayed away from battle of the bands because to be honest we found them a bit corny. We went to the one at the Talbot though and it was one of the, if not the best gigs we’ve ever played. It was a brilliant night.

“We don’t have a real dedicated fanbase like a lot of bands so we just have to rely on our music but hopefully we can get through to the final.”

Effluence have that semi-final at The Grand, Clitheroe, this Friday firmly in their sights but are also concentrating on getting out to a wider audience.

“There isn’t much of a scene for the kind of music we play around Earby and Barnoldswick so we try to gig out of town,” said Sam. “We’ve played in Burnley a few times and Manchester and Leeds. We’re hoping to play further afield in the coming months, maybe a tour of London.

“We’ve also been in the studio mix and recording our EP which we’re hoping to have out soon. Then it will be a case of touring it as much as we can.”

More on the lads can be found at www.effluence.co.uk. and if you can’t make it to The Grand on Friday, you can catch them live at The Sanctuary on April 28th and May 14th.