Burnley’s musical shift

The Shift
The Shift
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A SHIFT in Burnley’s musical landscape is happening right now under everybody’s noses.

Offering up a state-of-the-art recording and rehearsal suite complete with an online digital radio service for the surrounding area, The Shift Studios has thrown its doors open to musicians far and wide.

Designed and created especially for musicians in Burnley and Pennine Lancashire, this new venture, masterminded by Burnley-born Wayne Walsh, brings to the table the best in cutting edge studio services.

With high spec equipment and experienced support staff, Wayne is hoping that The Shift Studios, situated in Burnley town centre, will quickly become the focal point for the area’s burgeoning music scene.

Wayne said: “We’ve all heard of the great music scenes that have grown out of Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and other areas. I want Burnley to be where the next wave of new and original music is produced.

“As we all know Burnley is brimming with quality unsigned bands, solo artists and other musical talent but there are few opportunities to practice, learn and be heard locally; I want to change this.

“The Shift aims to capture and focus local talent and launch a scene which could see the next music revolution start right here in Burnley. Musicians need a local space where they can work, learn and be heard. For some just a point of connectivity and direction is beneficial in their progression.”

As a musician himself, Wayne believes the town has been lacking a support hub for local bands but is hopeful The Shift Studios will help change this.

“It’s been difficult to find a local outlet for my music and I wished there was more of a ‘scene’ here in Burnley. I’ve also become aware that there are so many talented musicians out there that need an opportunity .

“The Shift Studios offers rehearsal space, recording facilities and airplay in a professional studio setting. Musicians will be able to get the experience of working in a clean and professional environment and The Shift Radio Station will be broadcasting the very best in local music to support a growing vibrant scene in Burnley and Pennine Lancashire.

“It’s important to me to make this affordable for anyone, it’s priced keenly to allow people with the minimal amount of spare cash to get involved in and students can afford it on their pocket money if needs be.

“The Shift Studios have already seen quality, professionalism and determination in bands like The Strange, Servico and Sahara and we can’t wait to get other bands and musicians through the door and onto the digital airwaves.”

Studio/rehearsal time starts from £10 an hour but for readers there is a special offer available until April 1st – quote “Burnley Express” and get your first three bookings for just £5 per hour (limited availability).

Not just a recording studio, The Shift also aims to help musicians develop their skills and confidence and has a collection of rare and iconic instruments which are made available for anyone using the studio. These include a Gretsch Tennessee Semi-Acoustic, Rickenbacker bass guitar, Gibson SG, and a Gibson 160-E acoustic, as well as a choice of drum kits.

Wayne added: “It would be great to hear the next big change in music coming from Burnley; if you know any budding or established musicians, point them to The Shift and let’s start the music revolution.”

Anybody looking to book some time, get involved or just find out more go to http://www.theshiftstudios.com, Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TheShiftStudios, follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheShiftStudios or call 01282 413098.