Burnley producer Steve Reid’s deadly sins

COVER: The first single, Sloth - Drug Abuse
COVER: The first single, Sloth - Drug Abuse
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BURNLEY producer Steve Reid is tackling the seven deadly sins in his latest project.

A series of concept singles, written by Steve and based around each sin, are going to released over the coming months through publisher Accorder Music.

The music is from an original contemporary dance project composed in 2002 and features various guest performers throughout the series.

Each track explores the seven sins looking at where they are in society today, Sloth – Drug Abuse, Vanity – Discrimination etc as the haunting narration by Dave Wade takes the listener through the modern day issues hidden within each sin.

The singles will be released a month apart from Thursday and will continue until October.

Steve, who has recently completed a six-part series for the BBC called “Market” and is presently signed to Accorder Music working on various film and TV projects, said: “I love working on soundtracks that are creative and slightly different and the thought of releasing a compilation of concept singles is new and quite interesting.

“The tracks are very dark with each one lasting around six to seven minutes including the initial prologue. Each one will be available on all good downloads and you can get a taste of each piece on Spotify, You Tube and Doc Redeye’s own website www.docredeye.co.uk.”

The Doc has also recently signed two new artists, Jayke Cox and Jessie Duncan, with both singers due for releases in the summer.