How many houses in Burnley could global celebrities afford?

Which British entrepreneur could afford to buy 97% of the houses in Burnley? Who could afford to but every single one 17 times over? And how much of Burnley could Simon Cowell afford? A new online tool has revealed all...

Thursday, 6th July 2017, 3:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:47 am
With a net worth of 2,722,676,040, President Donald Trump could afford 25,182 houses in Burnley, or 67.06% of the town.

The brand-new interactive tool, designed by, shows users how much of their home town or city 26 selected celebrities and businesspeople could afford to own based on their net worth and the average cost of housing.

The microsite, called 'Wealthier Than Where?' reveals that while Microsoft business magnate, Bill Gates (net worth: £69,632,000,000), and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg (£47,694,100,000), could buy every house in Burnley 17 and 11 times over respectively, Simon Cowell (£450,192,358) would have to make do with 11% of the town.

The power-couple, Beyonce and Jay Z (£891,000,000) could afford 8,241 homes in Burnley, some 21.95% of the town, while footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (£230,000,000) could buy a comparatively paltry 2,172 homes or 5.67% of Burnley.

Zoe Ashton, spokesperson for, said: “Just stepping on the property ladder is a dream for many of us nowadays ... but Donald Trump could afford to do so 25,182 times in Burnley!”

Other figures included David Beckham (£280,000,000), who could afford 2,590 homes or 6.9% of Burnley; J.K Rowling (£600,000,000), who could afford 5,549 homes or 14.78% of Burnley; and Sir Richard Branson (£3,940,049,472), who could afford a tantalising 35,442 homes or 97.05% of Burnley.

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