Youth theatre charity wins Asda Green Token Scheme

Burnley Youth Theatre has been named the winner of the Green Token Scheme.
Burnley Youth Theatre has been named the winner of the Green Token Scheme.

A Burnley-based charity for young people was awarded the first prize on the Asda Green Token Scheme.

The scheme, which aims to support local organisations with a good purpose, runs every three months: charities and good causes get up on a community board, and when customers bring their own shopping bags, the checkout operators give them green tokens to vote for their favourite charity.

Burnley Youth Theatre, an innovative charity set up in 1973, received the higher number of green tokens, winning £500.

This money will be used to continue their mission to bring children and young adults from all walks of life together, helping them to build creativity and confidence. Currently, Burnley Youth Theatre engages more than 6,500 children and young people per year through their five strands; Inclusive Youth Theatre, Productions, Outreach, Education and Training. They programme, produce and deliver a wide range of creative activities, productions and events which engage not only children and young people, but their families too.

Annette McGowan-Doe, Community Colleague at Asda Burnley, says: “Our scheme supports charities or good causes in our community. Asda want to give back where they can. We had runners up who won £200. These were Ph7 and Burnley Wood Play and Stay.”

You can learn more about Burnley Youth Theatre on their website: and about Asda Green Token Scheme here: