Here's where you can play two murder mystery games in Burnley this summer

The cast of Murder Mystery: Mind Your Manors at The Burnley Mechanics.
The cast of Murder Mystery: Mind Your Manors at The Burnley Mechanics.

Evil strikes twice this summer when a double bill of murder mysteries comes to Burnley.

First up is Chris Martin’s Who Killed The Holiday Rep hosted for two nights by Greenbrook Methodist Church Theatre Group.

A thrilling evening of fun, the first of the season’s murder mysteries will see audience members team up to prove their worth as detectives at Greenbrook Methodist Church.

The following month the award-winning Can You Catch The Killer?, highly praised by HRH Prince Charles and Dame Judi Dench, will present the gripping Mind Your Manors at The Burnley Mechanics.

This interactive game and professionally performed play will transport audiences to a stately home where they will join a suspicious butler, a distressed maid and a spoilt heir in the aftermath of a terrible killing.

Guests must flex their detective skills, interrogate each suspect in turn and piece together the clues to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime.

Who Killed The Holiday Rep: Friday and Saturday, August 16th and 17th, 7pm nightly; Greenbrook Methodist Church and Community Centre, Greenbrook Road. Tickets: 07789603602, £10, including pie and peas and tea, coffee or juice.

Mind Your Manors: Thursday, September 26th, 7-30pm; Burnley Mechanics Theatre, Manchester Road. Tickets: £12;, 01282 664400.